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Sleep is the Best Medicine

Written by Malori Weigel
Operations Specialist, Empira

The Dalai Lama once stated, “Sleep is the best medicine”. This concept is something that we, at Empira, have discovered as well. Although not our first quality improvement program, Restorative Sleep, has become the foundation for success throughout all of our programs. Poor sleep can have detrimental impacts on our health and finding the root cause is the first step.

A study completed by Harvard Medical School in 2010, identified the top ten sleep disturbances contributing to poor sleep in nursing homes and other in-patient settings. Listen to Heather Johnson discuss the top 10 sleep disturbances on the “Peace with Dementia” Podcast hosted by Matt Estrade, MA, MBA.

Stay tuned for our weekly series where we will discuss each sleep disturbance and how to combat it.  

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Evidence-Based Design Meets Evidence-Based Medicine: The Sound Sleep Study. The Center for Health Design Research Coalition, Harvard Medical School, 2010.

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