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Facing the “Work of Aging” with ResoLute

Video By Malori Weigel, Communication Specialist, Empira
Written By Sarah Brown, BS, RN, LNHA, Executive Director, Empira

Empira, a consortium of 25 nursing homes in metro and rural Minnesota are helping residents and their loved ones bravely face the “Work of Aging” with ResoLute.

What is the “Work of Aging”?
Empira has coined the phrase “Work of Aging” to describe conversations or actions that support finding hope and peace while facing mortality.

The Work of Aging begins when people start to reflect on the following questions.  This reflection is often prompted because of advanced age or terminal illness… (however wisdom may lead some do this “work” sooner and more frequently…)

  • Did my life have meaning?
  • How long will I live?
  • What matters most to me now?
  • How do I want to live the rest of my life?
  • Will my loved one be okay when I am gone?
  • How will I be remembered?

We know this work is not easy, and that is why have created the ResoLute program which stands for “Resident Empowered Solutions on Living Until the End”. In this program, we are facilitating conversations that support the resident and their loved ones explore these questions to discover fears, hopes, and priorities. Thus creating the opportunity for living with integrity centered around what matters most all the way to end.

Are you ready to support the “Work of Aging” for yourself or your loved ones? I urge you to listen to the cues of your loved ones who may need your support as they bravely face these questions.  Death on this earth is guaranteed for all of us. Instead following your gut reaction to provide false comfort, offer some time to those who want to talk about the “work of aging”.

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